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Designest is a boutique industrial design studio, specializing in tech products and medical devices


Designest was founded in 2011 by Oded Lahav, graduate of the M.Des program at Bezalel Academy of art and design.

Since its inception, Designest has been focusing on visualizing innovation, creating sensational experiences and developing winning design concepts. Designest aids its partners realize their vision and bring many exciting products to market.


Outstanding Services

Our goal is to realize design concepts and strive to build exquisite products and unique encounters. Our clients are privy to one of a kind, innovative and timeless design solutions to suit their creative & business aspirations. 

Research & Concept Generation

We’re passionate about taking things to the next level, absorbing our clients’ vision and turning it into a reality. We start every process with brainstorming and examining numerous 2D design options.

C.A.D Development

Throughout the development phase, we discover and investigate various fundamental structures that support the product’s features & function. 

Color, Material, Finish

The choice of CMF effects whether the product seems low cost or lavish, long lasting or flimsy. We’re committed to making CMF decisions that support the product’s expectancies and framework.  


The product is rendered in its natural surroundings to improve and grasp its exterior, dimensions and overall look&feel.

Human Centric Design

Our main goal is to implement different tiers and analyze the product’s functional design, to be able to construct an improved and effective connection between the user and the product.

Design for Production

We hold extensive knowhow in vast manufacturing technologies and provide production ready C.A.D files, we support and solve manufacturing challenges up to production success.

Designest Clients
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