Castro | Winter bears

Product design / Mechanical design / Design research


Winter window

Castro came to us with a mission- design and produce a uniqe 3d figuer that will blend with thier winer theme and would be the uniqu center piece for this year winter window. 

after much thought compressed into quick ideation phase, we came up with a soft surfaced, and lovable bear figure.


Mechanical design

Icy white 

the project production had two major contrasting constrains, one was to produce a relatively small batch super quick, and the other was to get a final product that looks posh and highly finished. Our go-to manufacturing method for these requirements was ceramic molding, and the design challenge was to build the simplest to mold yet preserve surface complexity.  Another challenge was to locate a high-end ceramic factory that could meet the super tight deadline requirements.



Packing of bears

Quality control, packing, labeling and shipping to more than hundred different store locations were part of this project scope and were a real challenge, we worked alongside and adjusted ourselves to Castro's smart and accurate logistics operation.