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A new icon for craft beer

Pasabahce is one of the major players in the world glass industry; their mission was to create the best craft beer exciting, to introduce a new glass archetype to the beer world.

Design strategy

The perfect pint

After a deep exploration into the glassware world and craft beer, which was new to us, we analyzed the impact that glassware shape and visual has on sensual experiences and the overall drinking practice.
The research led us to many insights, which we integrated to a novel shape in which every mm counts to create the best sensual experience, elevating the liquid inside it to the next level.

We designed this best seller glass that sells in millions each year since it was introduced to the market in 2016.


Design strategy

Raising a family

Following the craft’s beer extreme success, we embarked on a journey to expand this winning shape to a complete series of beer glassware, tending to market needs.

Each member of this series got its own precise design attributes according its specific beverage. The challenge was to adjust the shape, visually and sensorially, while maintaining the strong connection to the family.